Custom Construction -  From concept to completion

- design, engineering, permits, site planning, excavation,

- building, custom finishes,

- pools, patios, landscaping,

- on-going maintenance and property management

Here are some of our models you can view completed in our communities

$49,900 - 1bd, 1ba, 720sf

(model on Lot 26)

$61,900 - 1bd, 1ba, 887sf

(model on Lot 7)

$66,500 - 1bd, 1ba, 950sf

(model on Lot 7)

$59,900 - 1bd, 1ba, 840sf

(model on Lot 1)

$159,900 - 2bd, 2ba, 1612sf

(model on Lot 8)

1bd,1ba D Elevation.jpg
1bd,1ba D Floorplan.jpg
1bd,1ba A elevation (lot 7).jpg
1bd,1ba B elevation (lot 7 modified).jpg
1bd,1ba C elevaton (lot 1b).jpg
1bd,1ba A floorplan (lot 7).jpg
1bd,1ba B floorplan (lot 7 modified).jpg
1bd,1ba C floorplan (lot 1b).jpg
2bd,2ba A elevation (lot 8 mod).jpg
2bd,2ba A floorplan (lot 8 mod).jpg

$169,900 - 2bd, 2ba, 1650sf

(model on Lot 23)

$169,900 - 2bd, 2ba, 1664sf

(model on Lot 8)

$159,900 - 2bd, 2ba, 1612sf

(model on Lot 8)

2bd,2ba A Elevation (lot 23).jpg
2bd,2ba B elevation (lot 8 mod).jpg
2bd,2ba C elevaion (lot 8).jpg
2bd,2ba B floorplan (lot 8 mod).jpg
2bd,2ba A floorplan (lot 23).jpg
2bd,2ba C floorplan (lot 8).jpg

$169,900 - 2bd, 2ba, 1664f

(design for Lot 11)

Front Elev.jpg
Floorplan & site plan.jpg

$169,900 - 2bd, 2ba, 1700f

(model on Lot 13)

$199,900 - 3bd, 2ba, 1968sf

(model on Lot 4)

$219,900 - 3bd, 2ba, 2194sf

(model on Lot 4)

$199,900 - 4bd, 2ba, 2036f

(model on Lot 19)

3bd,2ba A elevation (lot 4 mod).jpg
3bd,2ba B elevation (lot 4).jpg
2bd,2ba D elev (lot 13).jpg
3bd,2ba A floorplan (lot 4 mod).jpg
3bd,2ba B floorplan (lot 4).jpg
4bd,2ba A elevation2 (lot 19).jpg
4bd,2ba A floorplan (lot 19).jpg
2bd,2ba D floorplan (lot 13).jpg